Friday, March 7, 2008

Draconian Spitzer's at it Again.

John Zmirak writes about Gov. Spitzer’s attempt to declare abortion a “fundamental right” and threaten the licenses of doctors and hospitals which refuse to perform abortions:

Persecution Creeps Up on Christians
Posted by John Zmirak on March 07, 2008

The role of Cassandra is classically a thankless one. Point to danger signs too early, and you’re dismissed as a nut. Wait until it’s obvious, and you’re too late. You can’t win, so you might as well tell the truth: It’s distinctly ominous how many government agencies, courts, and legislatures across the West are forcing Christians to act against their conscience--and threatening those who resist with bankruptcy or jail. In England, Catholic adoption agencies can’t insist on placing children with heterosexual couples. In Germany, it’s still illegal to home school (has been since Hitler), and the EU is upholding that law--packing off children of home-schoolers to psychiatric facilities. In Belgium, a bishop might go to jail for criticizing homosexual behavior.

I know, this happened in California--which strangely remains doggedly left wing and anti-Catholic in its policies, despite the influx of all those immigrants with “family values” (encouraged by the likes of Cardinal Roger Mahony) and the local Republican party’s abandonment of border control and “outreach” to Hispanics. (Funny, how Peter Brimelow was right about that one....)

But courts in big states set the trend for smaller ones. And California isn’t alone. In New York, the Catholic bishops conference has shown admirable chutzpah in standing up to Gov. Spitzer’s attempt to declare abortion a “fundamental right” and threaten the licenses of doctors and hospitals which refuse to perform abortions, producing a video and cannily uploading it straight to Youtube:

Of course such decisions affect millions of religious believers of various faiths, and constitute an ongoing assault by cultural leftists with a taste for totalitarian tactics on the right of religious Americans simply to be left alone. As I’ve argued here before, Leviathan in America is structurally biased to favor secularism--which means that we should fight the beast, tooth and nail. But in the meantime, what should administrators of Catholic hospitals actually do, if laws are passed requiring them to become complicit in murder? Meekly play along, circulate petitions among the nurses (like my sister) who’d really rather not go home with innocent blood on their hands? Attempt to mitigate the damage, and keep on relieving suffering, even at this price? Instead, I’ll second the plan offered by the late Cardinal John O’Connor, when he was faced with a law like this. He said that rather than cooperate, he would close every single Catholic hospital, and send all the patients to public hospitals for care. That’s a very good plan.

But here’s another: Give all those hospitals to the Moslems. Between multicultural guilt and the fear of “explosive” consequences, something tells me Governor Spitzer would find some way to compromise.

This is all true, only this week, Harvard is started having women's only hours in health clubs to appease Muslims - why the overt hostility towards Christianity and supine approach to Muslims? Is it:

a. Muslims threaten violence?
b. The left is heavily influenced by East European Jews with an animosity (and that's a polite way to describe it) towards Christianity that often masks itself behind left wing ideas?

A little of both? My gut and personal experience lead me to believe that B is behind quite a bit of it, but in countries like Sweden a similar pattern emerges. Could be that marxist thought it just anti-western and Christianity is 'the religion of the west'.

There is another interesting angle about this blatant attempt to impose ideology on Catholics - if the church really did just shut down all of its hospitals who would receive blame for the displaced patients? My guess is the New York Times and others would spin it that 'Catholic intolerance' was the to blame - but in reality its scum like Spitzer who live off of and manipulate the good graces of Christians who are always supposed to be turn the other if some loud mouthed asshole like Spitzer causes a stink about Christmas tree's we're supposed to take them down instead of sinking to their level...the problem however, is that everything does sink to their level.

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