Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Taste Isn't Just Restricted To Their Modernist Paintings...

Considering what they did to the exterior of one of the finer beaux arts buildings in Brooklyn:

Is a small scale version of the big scar Ratner wants to build over Brooklyn..

If anything it represents failed stewardship - an institution that was built by previous generations and abused by the present- and institution whose strength rests on artists like Sargent and Homer but continuously mocks and insults the culture they came from. The hideous modern exterior and the third rate modernist paintings inside are a reflection of the rotten leadership now at the helm of the museum. Rather than address their own poor judgment, they think that heaping praise on crappy art will somehow make it beautiful and 'honoring' Ratner will somehow make him honorable. And so it goes for the borough as well. Praising Ratner's very bad plans will somehow make them good.

Yes, on second thought its very fitting for our current 'elite' to be so out of touch with reality that they would be doing something like this on the eve of..."who knows what tomorrow will bring" times.

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