Friday, March 21, 2008

Collapsing under the weight of his own greed:

Revealed: Atlantic Yards Is A Sham

Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn says, "We told you so."

The opening paragraphs of Charles Bagli's article in the Times show that the Atlantic Yards project is shaping up to be the sham we have always said it would be.

To be very clear: a project that promised so much to the public, that appears now to be an arena (which only makes money for Bruce Ratner) and one tower (maybe), with very little "affordable housing" at all, is a sham.

NolandGrab:What Will Be Left of Gehry’s Vision for Brooklyn?

The NY Times
By Nicolai Ouroussoff

Frank Gehry fan and Times architecture critic Nicky O digests the grim realities of Bruce Ratner's controversial Atlantic Yards plan...

Of course, corrupt, greedy Bruce Ratner doesn't care if his project is financially unsound, ugly, poorly planned and as reflected in the callous security concerns - unsafe - Bruce Ratner cares about how much taxpayer money and government subsidies he can get his greasy, corrupt fat fingers on.

The Times is beginning to realize that AY is a poorly planned project...will they acknowledge that is it is a corrupt one as well?

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