Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gee, I didn't Know We Were Propsering.

Really, I know it's rhetorical, but is Bush mentally stable? How can he go one aping comments like this:

Bush warns protectionism will cost U.S. jobs

President ramps up free trade blitz amid flagging support for new pacts

Oh I see and our current policies are just doing wonders for the US economy... I mean, what other president had gas quadruple and the dollar lose 40% of its value on their watch? And conversely every country that has 'free trade' with us and protects their own economies are prospering. Yet Bush keeps on repeating the same ideological nonsense.

The evidence is overwhelming - NAFTA and one sided 'free trade' agreements with the far East have hurt the American middle class - the only ones to profit are the super elite and protected classes such as Wall Street (who is protected by the Fed) and other cartels such as lawyers- the working classes have been hit the hardest.

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