Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Breaking! Frank Gehry Sucks.

From No Land Grab

Frank Gehry: has the bubble burst?

The First Post
By Charles Laurence

Superstar architect Frank Gehry is being sued by MIT - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology renowned for technological innovation - and the court action suggests that the Gehry bubble may be about to burst.
Gehry, 78, became America's most celebrated architect since Frank Lloyd Wright after building the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. He has since created a host of other buildings which have captured the imaginations of both critics and the public. The latest is billionaire Barry Diller's headquarters in Manhattan, which suggest billowing sails on the Hudson river. But do they work?

Guess what Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry have in common? We'd tell you, but we have to check with our lawyers first:

Contracts with Gehry Partners turn out to have clauses gagging public criticism or complaint, so now critics are wondering whether problems are being covered-up at Bilbao and other famous buildings.


As NLG says seems like Gehry and Ratner are perfect for each other...and hell for us.


bobbo said...

Having failed miserably in their attempts to stop Atlantic Yards in court, the loathsome critics are now playing other cards...the terrorist card and of course the leaking roof card.

Evidence of desperation everywhere.

Knickerblogger said...

A. The court battles are not resolved yet.

B. You apparently don' think that a glass and steel stadium over a major transportation hub and the two busiest streets in brooklyn is a security concern.

C. You apparently think Frank Gehry is a good architect which shows just how poor your judgment is. You probably think Bruce Ratner's a honest guy too .

What's your deal bobbo? are you so shallow and corrupt that you would support such and ill concieved boondoogle that will wreck a neighborhood just so you can have stimuli? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The leaking roof 'card'?! WTF Gehry's designs are horrible - just read what the people who actually have to live and work near or in his buildings have to say. He SUCKS.

BOBO - do you HONESTLY think this moron is a good architect?

Anonymous said...

Having failed miserably to make a cogent point on any blog comment board, Bobbo threw up his arms and typed in mindnumbing nonsense, over and over and over.