Monday, November 12, 2007

From DDDB, worth repeating in full:

Let Them Eat Hot Dogs

On Thursday the Bloomberg administration announced its plans to turn Coney Island into Bloomberg's fantasy island. What does the Mayor think of the small people? From the Brooklyn Paper:

...The city was not prepared to say how much it would be willing to pay to buy out existing land owners. But, Bloomberg made one thing abundantly clear: no longer will small, individually owned amusements conspire to create one great carnival.

“Today, you can’t have a bunch of individual little things and have them survive, not when the public has entertainment alternatives,” said Bloomberg. “They can fly anyplace for next to nothing.”...
Apparently, though, eminent domain is good when used on the small people (see: Prospect Heights, West Harlem, East Harlem, Willets Point, Duffield Street), but not on the table when it comes to big developers such as Joseph Sitt's Thor Equities. From Crains:
...But Mr. Bloomberg will have to get approval from the state legislature, and acquire the land from Mr. Sitt through a cash or land swap deal...

Get that? small and mid sized business should be forced to relinquish their property to bigger businesses. We're now seeing a bizare fusion of captialism and communism - but the forced redistribution favors the extremely wealthy. I am amused that Mr Bloomberg thinks that most Brooklynites and New Yorkers, especially those middle class ones with families, can hop on a plane and fly away for the weekend for next to nothing. Tell us Mike, when you flit down to Bermuda for the week-end, how many of the families you rub shoulders with work as teachers in the NY public school system?

I know many people on the old right and left, myself included, go on and on about how we're losing our freedoms and the republic is slipping away but what further proof do you need when the mayor of America's largest city says this and it doesn't cause the slightest outrage from any MSM?

Bloomberg and his ilk are solving the pesky problem of America's middle, working and Upper middle classes, by simply importing a new people, poorer, less educated, who are more easily manipulated and controlled.

Only question now is how bad will it get until we get up on our hind legs and get rid of people super-elitists like Bloomberg? The baby boom generation - the 'children of the sixties' is turning out to be the most destructive, irresponsible and arrogant in generation in American history...only problem is, I think my generation will be worse.

Side note, one of the most humurous things i have read all year is MSM's attempt to float gun grabbing, open borders, pro Iraq /Iran war, eminent domain favoring Bloomberg as an alternative candidate 'outside the system'.

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